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The Algone Center is an interventional pain clinic dedicated to relieving both acute and chronic pain through a wide range of minimally-invasive surgical and non-surgical techniques. With an accurate diagnosis, many times the source of pain can be treated with therapeutic treatment to provide long term chronic pain relief.

Comprehensive Options for Patients in Pain

The Algone Center works closely with a patient's primary care physician and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible care. Our approach is “holistic” in that it combines therapeutic injections when needed, attention to nutritional balance, encouragement towards achieving a healthier lifestyle, and physical therapy when appropriate.

Some people may suffer from chronic pain syndromes that make it difficult to eliminate their pain. When this is the case, unlike any other chronic pain clinic, our goal is to work towards chronic pain management using a balanced medical management plan that does not focus on opioids. Our ultimate goal is to minimize or even eliminate opioid (narcotic) dependency through alternative chronic pain treatment methods.

If you suffer from chronic pain symptoms, call The Algone Center today to make an appointment. (907)373-9460

Meet our Interventional Pain Specialists

J. Thomas Grissom, M.D.

Board Certified

Interventional Pain Physician

& Anesthesiologist


Board Certified

Interventional Pain Physician

& Anesthesiologis


Cheryl Fitzgerald, PA-C

Board Certified

Physician Assistant


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"Thanks to the staff at The Algone Center for treating not just the injury, but the person. From the receptionist, to the nurses, to the physicians, everyone showed great concern for my privacy and pain. As a direct result of my procedure, I am able to enjoy life again."Patient-Reviews.png